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Helping insulate Ireland one building at a time

free cavity wall insulation

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You may be entitled to free cavity wall insulation. Cavity wall insulation helps reduce the amount of energy required to heat your home – saving you money and keeping you more comfortable.

free attic insulation

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You may be entitled to free attic insulation. Attic insulation helps keep warm air from rising through the roof of your home – reducing your heating costs and making the indoor environment more comfortable throughout the year.

free wall and roof ventilation

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Proper ventilation allows fresh air to enter your home without compromising heat loss. You may be entitled to free wall and roof ventilation along with cavity wall and attic insulation.

What FREE Measures Are Included

You’ll receive a number of free energy efficiency measures in your home should you qualify. All measures are included at NO COST to the homeowner as long as you comply will all aspects of the programme.

These measures include: